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Assertive People Privacy Statement

The collection of information when visiting the Assertive People website.

The website analytics reports clicks, pages visited, length of time on site and the number of visits made by the same visitor (providing they are using the same computer). The city and country of the visitor is also monitored, together with network information and technical information relating to the screen and operating system being used.

An individual user of the website is never identified personally, but information is gathered collectively with other users. The data collected is used to assist with planning for the future advertisement of the site and the further development of both Assertive People web pages and associated applications.

The Assertive People website do not use cookies.

The objective of Assertive People is to promote education, through providing information.

Resource Database

Personal details are not shared with third parties and are not listed on the Resource Information page.


Privacy Statement questions should be sent via the Contact section of the Assertive People website or

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